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ESD vacuum clearer



ESD vacuum clearer | 15 February, 2004


I'm looking a unit of ESD vacuum clearer. Is there any good recommend which is the best.


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ESD vacuum clearer | 16 February, 2004

We're not sure if it the best, but if you search, you'll see that lots of companies [eg, 3M, ESD Systems, etc] brand and resell Atrix vacuums [ ]

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ESD vacuum clearer | 18 February, 2004

Check out Data-VAc also known as Metro Vac. Also 3m does offer a vacuumthat is esd safe. Prices range from $100.00 to $300.00.

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ESD vacuum clearer | 23 February, 2004

We have been using the 3M Electronic Service Vacuum Cleaner for a couple of years. The buisness end (hose and nozzles) is ESD Safe, it's Easy to use, and filters are a snap to change. The case is not ESD Safe, but if you do not set it on or right next to the board that is not a problem (this might be universal with most units). I found it in the Contact East/Jensen catalog.

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