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SMT Equipment | 4 February, 2004

I work for a small OEM. We have outsourced our SMT in the past and considering purchasing some used SMT equipment. My knowledge is limited in this area. Someone in my company has found a Zevatech 575 machine. Our run size is from 500pcs. max. Our package size is .0402 and .019 mil spacing. Will this machine work for my application? Is Zevatech around? How can I contact them? I want to know if support and training is still available? Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

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SMT Equipment | 4 February, 2004

It's good that you are asking these questions before buying. Juki [ ] may support these machines.

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SMT Equipment | 5 February, 2004

Dave is correct in that the Zevatech is actually a Juki. Made by the Japanese Juki and labeled by the Swiss Zevatech. The PM 575 is somewhat vintage. I believe it may be all mechanical component centering. It may be OK for the 20mil fine pitch but may be out of it's league for reliable 0402 placement. Check with Juki. They make a great sewing machine too.

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SMT Equipment | 16 February, 2004

The 575 was based on the 570 machine. The 570 was Juki's first laser centered machine. It can do 0402 and ICs with a pitch of 0.65mm or greater.

The 575, was a re-vamped 570 that Zevatech came up with. Juki played no part in the 575. Zevatech added a camera for reading fiducials and a bottom vision camera for centering ICs down to 15mil pitch.

The software was an issue, as was the vision boards that Zevatech used. I would certainly contact your local Juki service office before buying one of these. They are way old and may not be supported any longer.

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