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Help for pupils

D Meek


Help for pupils | 31 January, 2004

Hoping somebody may be able to help recommending a source of educational video demonstrating the principles behind PCB manufacture, component pick and place and smt.

Any help would be appreciated.

D Meek

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Help for pupils | 2 February, 2004

Process Sciences puts on a good training program. They may have some videos or presentations available to you.

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Help for pupils | 13 February, 2004

Places to try are: * Most BIG-time manufacturers of SMT production equipment supply promotional vids to their potential customers. Consider contacting them. * BIG-time SMT training course givers may have suggestions. Contact: EMPF, Texas Engineering Extension Service, National Training Center for Microelectronics * BIG-time professional organizations with an orientation towards SMT: SMTA, IPC * BIG-time SMT process consultants: Bob Willis, Jim Blankenhorn [SMTPlus], Ray Prasad, Les Hymes * BIG-time universities with SMT demonstration production lines: Purdue, SUNY Binghamton, Georgia Tech

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