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Solder impurity tester



Solder impurity tester | 16 January, 2004

We would like to start testing our lead free wave solder machines in house. Mostly looking for lead and copper content. Malcom makes a relatively inexpensive machine that does this (STA-1 Does anyone know of another company that makes something like this. I have been looking along with my usual reps, but have not found anything. I know Kester and probably all the other solder manufacturers can do it for us, but with 10 waves eventually running lead free this will get expensive.



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Solder impurity tester | 16 January, 2004


You just provided enough material to start an endless debate in an unexplored field (acceptable impurities, levels and effect on reliability in high tin content (lead free alloys). High tin content alloys have a high affinity to metals like Cu and Ag (even stainless steel is not spared).

Until now no standards have been set due to the lack of experience and the amount of different alloys used in our industry. Your concerns in the young and unexplored lead free field are extremely valid. But looking at the picture of the low cost impurity tester I don't think this tester will be able to quantify impurities accurately but just signal the presence of them. Accurate equipment to measure and quantify impurities is atomic absorption and spectrum analysis in order of accuracy.

Solder manufacturers can justify the high cost of this equipment not the user of bar solder. With 10 waves and the cost of lead-free solder your supplier will be able to provide frequent analyses at no charge to you as a service, if not find one who will.

Nice to know someone trying to locate the trees in the forest, or shall we say lead free jungle.

Good Luck Patrick

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Bob Willis


Solder impurity tester | 17 January, 2004

I believe this is the only system on the market place and was developed by Panasonic in Japan with Malcolm. As stated it does check a limited number of elements but that was its intention when produced.

I believe that only high volume shops would use this type of equipment, even with the low cost preferring still to get the material supplier to do the analysis.

I have had a look at the software but have not had hands on experience todate. .

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Solder impurity tester | 2 March, 2004

Has anyone in the US used this system? I am told that over 1000 systems are operating world wide...but find it hard to believe no one domestically is using this (if it in fact is worth its salt would more not use it?)

Anyone? Anyone demo'd this? Anyone using this on sac350 or Sn / Cu?

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Solder impurity tester | 5 March, 2004


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