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Topaz Off-line software.


Topaz Off-line software. | 14 January, 2004

Looks like this only runs on OS/2. Anyone out there familiar with it that could give some guidance, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Topaz Off-line software. | 14 January, 2004

It's called VIOS. It can be run on a PC. But, it must be massaged considerabley as there is no I/O, servo or master cards in communication. Consult Assemblion for details. Remember, altering their software without express permission could put you in a very vulnerable position.

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Topaz Off-line software. | 15 January, 2004

I used CircuitCAM to convert my 3AV programs to VIOS programs. Then I massaged the VIOS files with PPS. You won't get a perfect conversion though, you'll need to re-teach the board origin on the Topaz and update the parts.

The offline software for programming the Topaz is PPS and runs on Windows platform.

What model Topaz did you purchase?

Email me privately.

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Frank Gearhart - Assembl�on Snr. Software Technical Specialist


Topaz Off-line software. | 16 January, 2004

The OS/2 software you are referring to is the CSM-PPS v3 which was released in 1999, it is now out of service.

The current software for optimizing, balancing, and generating programs for a Topaz and other Gem machines off-line, is GemLine-PPS v8.0, this, the latest version, was released in Nov. 2003, and supports Lines of the following Gem machines: - Comet I & II - Eclipse I & II - Topaz - Emerald - Sapphire - Topaz X & Xi - Emerald X & Xi - Sapphire X - Topaz X II & Xi II - Emerals X II & Xi II - Sapphire X II - Opal X II The GemLine-PPS software runs on Windows 2000 or XP. and uses a graphical interface to edit machine programs. The layout of the windows allows someone familiar with the machine interface to quickly learn and use the PPS interface. Programs and databases can be transferred from machine to PPS and back.

Other software is available for simple translations to un-optimized machine programs, so that the program can be taken directly to a Gem machine, and optimized on the machine. This software is available FREE to customers registered on our web site.

Third party software is also available, such as Aegis software's CircuitCAM, which can generate un-optimized programs or can use the GemLine-PPS optimizer to generate optimized and balanced programs.

For any other questions, feel free to email me at Frank.Gearhart @

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Topaz Off-line software. | 9 February, 2005

Hey Frank, remember this? Any way we can try it without paying for it until we find that it works well?



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Topaz Off-line software. | 17 February, 2005

Yes I know. I can help you. Please contact me and we can drive this issue phone via. (If you are driving with this issue) It is pretty easy. Don't worry.

Regards FragosoJ

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