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Goldfinger protection



Goldfinger protection | 23 December, 2003

Does anyone know of a good, cost effective protection for goldfingers during wavesolder process, besides KAPTON?

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Goldfinger protection | 23 December, 2003


Goldfinger protection | 24 December, 2003

Kapton tape is heat resistant to tempratures accociated with wave solder process. If your process is not no clean then masking compound will work.

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Goldfinger protection | 28 December, 2003

Paul: You are correct, but: * No all Kapton tape suppliers provide equal quality product. [We have a buying list for Kapon tape supply.] * Applying Kapton tape properly requires technique and attention to detail.

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Tony Tan


Goldfinger protection | 29 December, 2003

We have do away with Kapton tape many years ago, now using the Titinium clip for GF protection during wave soldering.

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Goldfinger protection | 29 December, 2003

If your proces is NC then you can use an Amonia-free laytex peelable.

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Goldfinger protection | 2 January, 2004


We have done away with masking with kapton 8 yrs ago. As long as the goldfingers are leading edge you can use one of these: 1. rubber goldfinger boot/glove - contact east use to carry them...don't know if they still do. 2. fiberglass glove - made of fr4 material, cheap, and lasts a long time.

Both will work. We use the fiberglass ones for cost. Just slip them on before wave and remove as they exit wave. We wave solder 1 product line @ 1500/month with these and they have lasted up to 1 1/2 - 2 years before we have to start replacing them. Our process is no-clean.

You can also use the water soluble mask that you can have the PCB fab house put on when they make the blank pcb's. They wash off during the water-wash cycle...never tried this so I don't know how well it washes off.

Gus Paelmo

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