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HSP 4792 dull cutters


HSP 4792 dull cutters | 19 December, 2003

Dose the tolerances for the cutting blade and anvil on a HSP-4792 allow for sharpening. Replacement blades are over 2k$ and Universal tells me that tolerances wont allow sharpening. Can a percision sharpening shop be reccomended. Thanks in advance for any help.

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HSP 4792 dull cutters | 22 December, 2003

K&K Grinding 610-454-0466 kkgrindingco

place the "at" sign inbetween kkgrindingco and for some reason the site will not let me post with the "at" sign.

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Ken K


HSP 4792 dull cutters | 31 December, 2003

Dear Paul,

My company carbide refurbishs these cutters for Sanyo/UIC chip-shooters as well as for Fuji CP machines. The trick is to add carbide and then precision grind to orginal specifications. I have done this for many customers, most recently Celestica. The price to carbide refurbish these cutters is $350 each for UIC p/n 630-070-9384 and $450 each for p/n 630-073-9384.

My company is located at 112 Bridge St., Gratersford Pennsylvania USA 19426. Tel: 1-800-894-7463 from USA and Canada. Use +1-610-454-0466 from outside the USA. Fax is +1-610-489-0830 E-Mail: kkgrindingco Web:

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks, Ken Kripak 112 Bridge St

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