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PCB Inspection Station


PCB Inspection Station | 18 December, 2003

Good evening all, I have recently gotten rid of our old SRT rework station because of lack of use. Before dumping however I took the CCD camera and monitor in the hopes of turning it into a board inspection station. However, the camera and monitor are both 10+ years old now and have problems with the amount of light needed to illuminate parts of the board. Can anyone recommend a used or low cost new CCD camera or monitor capable of high magnification or at least shed some light on my problem. (no pun intended) I can provide pics if anyone is interested in seeing exactly what I am talking about.

Thanks in advance JD

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PCB Inspection Station | 19 December, 2003

Hi JD,

I recommend that you contact Mr. Rafael Garcia from Scienscope International. This is exactly what they do and I am sure that he can help you. And he will be very competitive in pricing. 909-590-7273


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PCB Inspection Station | 29 December, 2003

x-ray inspection system

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