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Trimming of Gasfets



Trimming of Gasfets | 7 July, 2000

Does anyone know of anybody who makes a device to take Gasfets off of tape and reel trim them to length and present them to the machine (zevatech, juki) for placement. An alternative would be to take them off tape and reel trim them and re tape and reel them. Any input would be appreciated.


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Re: Trimming of Gasfets | 10 July, 2000

Donald: What package style are we talking about?

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Re: Trimming of Gasfets | 11 July, 2000

Dave, They are monolithic amplifiers and similiar things. case styles VV105, AF320, AF190, BBB and GD-24. We have a customer who wants all these trimmed before placing on the board.

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