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Solder volume range for printing process

Stoney Tsai


Solder volume range for printing process | 28 November, 2003

Hi, all,

I have done an analysis through Statistics on solder volume whose purpose is to identify the required volume for different pitch printing (0.65 or above, 0.50, and 0.40 mm). Finally, came out a regression model. But, I need to evaluate the model through prediction accuracy analysis. The question is how can I set the volume ranges are adequate to obtain good printing quality according to these three pitches. for example, for 0.65 mm pitch printing, the prediction accuracy will stay below 10% to have empirical benefit. Your suggestions will be highly appreciated!

Stoney Tsai

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Solder volume range for printing process | 1 December, 2003

So, you need to know how these reductions in solder volume will perform in real life.

In-use of the product in the life environment is the surest test. Many companies can�t wait / don�t want to pay for that information. * Some use accelerated life testing. Before you start accelerated tests, recognize that the failures shown in such tests have nothing to do with real life use. These tests are effective in showing the weakest element during the test. But if you do two tests [one with your standard amount of solder, one with your reduced amount] and the failure is the same in both tests, then the reduced amount of solder is probably comparable. * Some use finite element modeling to compare solder volumes.

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