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Heller 1088 Reflow Oven


Heller 1088 Reflow Oven | 3 November, 2003

Good day all, we have a Heller Reflow oven here that has been in service for about 2 1/2 years now. Aside from 2 thermocouples going bad it hasn't had any problems. My question is, how often should it be serviced for preventative maint. and does anyone know who can do this?

Thanks in advance

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Heller 1088 Reflow Oven | 4 November, 2003

We follow the recommendations provided by our supplier in the manual. What does Heller Industries say?

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Marc Peo


Heller 1088 Reflow Oven | 17 November, 2003

As you have seen, the 1088 doesn't need much in the way of P.M. We recommend: --Monthly vacuuming in the base and under the hood (ie Dust Bunny control) --Lubricate Edge Hold Conveyor Chain and leadscrew (if the Edge Hold Conveyor option is installed in the oven) --Clean Thomson rods with alcohol and apply light oil

That's the extent of it.

I would like to send in a Heller Tech to give the system a once over and train your people on the process with Free of Charge courtesy call.

Please e-mail me with your particulars and we can set this up.

All the best!

Marc Peo

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