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Solution Testing



Solution Testing | 24 October, 2003

Guys Does anyone out there have scientific techniques to determine whether a chemical ( safewash S and Prozone )are still usable. I 've just joined a company where they have have litres of the stuff but i can't tell whether it's still suitable or not. I can take ph values ? but is this sufficient enough ?

Thanks in advance.


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Solution Testing | 25 October, 2003

I have not used either of these chemicles. However, I would contact the manufacturers and explain your situation. No one will know better than them.

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Solution Testing | 27 October, 2003

You can buy a titrator (Hach [ ] digital titrator), hydrochloric acid, phenolphthalein indicator powder pillows, turkey baster, and a couple small measuring cups.

Titration measures quantity of TOTAL alkalinity. So, it measures impurities, and garbage picked up in the cleaning process, as if it were ACTIVE cleaner.

Much, much better, much more indicative, yet not perfect, is to measure pH. pH tells what sort of alkali is present. This will not tell you how much soil you have dissolved/dispersed in the cleaner/saponifier, but is a much truer indicator of cleaning strength.

The problem with pH is that it does not tell you how much saponifier to add to bring the system up to the desired pH.

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Mike Konrad


Solution Testing | 27 October, 2003

Prozone was sold primarily in Europe by Multicore (now Loctite). A brief search of their site seems to indicate that the product no longer exists.

As for Prozone, as I recall, it was a ready-mix (no dilution required) chemical. If the containers were not opened, then it should be good. Because the solution does not require dilution, checking proper concentration is not applicable. Published shelf-life was one year. Most likely, 2 � 3 year old unopened solution will work well.

Safewash is sold by Electrolube. I would contact them at

Mike Konrad Aqueous Technologies

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Solution Testing | 29 October, 2003

Thanks for the help and the advice guys.


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