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Tooling Vendors


Tooling Vendors | 23 October, 2003

Hi folks,

I'm trying to source some good tooling vendors for SMT & wave tooling who can supply me down in New Zealand, anyone any idea's or volunteers?

Due to the distance from most people I really need soemone I don't have to baby sit.



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Tooling Vendors | 24 October, 2003

John, I highly recommend a company called Pentagon EMS. There address is not in front of me but there phone number is 503-924-2747. I've tried numerous tooling companies and Pentagon has been the most responsive. There a relatively new company I believe only 1-2 years old but there ownership group has been in the industry a long time.


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Pat Fogarty


Tooling Vendors | 27 October, 2003

Good Morning John

Your above enquiry has been brought to our attention by Mr Kenny Munroe of Permali Composites SA, France.

Shamrock Industries Ltd are Tool & Die Makers, Precision Engineers & Original Equipment Manufacturers.

We are based in Christchurch, NZ. Phone 03 365 7906.

During recent years we have developed an active partnership with the Electronics Manufacturing Industry here in Christchurch & also Rakon of Auckland.

This has involved manufacture of a wide range of Tooling including Wave Solder Carriers for which we import & stock the required "Durostone" board ex Permali (Kenny Munro).

We would welcome you contacting us to discuss your particular requirements and in the meantime refer you to our website at

As we have only just launched our website our address is not yet featured in searches through Search Engines.

Kind regards

Look forward to hearing from you.

Pat Fogarty Shamrock Industries Ltd 41 Leeds Street Phillipstown CHRISTCHURCH Ph 03 365 7906 Fax 03 365 7946 Email

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Tooling Vendors | 28 October, 2003

10950 sw 5th street building 1, suite 150 beaverton or 97005

Contact Rey Sosa, Chad Haima

Very Very good machinists, selective pallets, universal wave pallets, assembly tooling, process knowledge (smt thru-hole etc.)

Outstanding organization to work with. Highly reccommended.

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Tooling Vendors | 6 November, 2003

Hi John, Please check out This is an automatic and compliant tooling system that may eliminate your need for custom tooling. Grid-lok has a rep in your region.

Good luck, Charlie

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