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From 1 to 200 | 23 October, 2003

Help! We currently use out SMT for pretty much one-off's. we use BGA's and complex board designs and it looks good to say it's been SMT'd. We are now looking to take on a project (a one off project) that would move our production up from 1 to about 200 boards (which i realise still isn't that much). What sort of things do you think i should be looking at to make a smooth transition to this? We have to have FULL tracability on all parts. All sujestions welcome!


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From 1 to 200 | 29 October, 2003

What kind of equipment do you have now to do the 1 off boards?

Is there enough profit margin to process the 200 the same way?

If not, there is not enough to justify new equipment and to outsource 200 pcs with 100% traceability requirements would be difficult and expensive if there is no more business down the road.

How much experience do you have with automated equipment? Could you get most of it up and running yourself or would you need training?

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