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Fuji Flexa Feeder Report Mod



Fuji Flexa Feeder Report Mod | 21 October, 2003

Can someone enlighten me on how to modify/change the Fuji Flexa Feeder Report. We want the report to show the part description. I called Fuji America, but they are not sure on how to do this yet being that this system is still fairly new. I was able to get to CP6_feedersetupdef.xml but I don't know the next step. Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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Fuji Flexa Feeder Report Mod | 23 October, 2003


Please let me give you some incite to the problem that you have. This issue will depend on the version of Flexa that you are running. Since I am not sure of your name and company I will just say that if you are running the latest version that you will be okay.

The default reports include the part comment. This is where you should be entering your description. This field is located in the Part Number Library as the "Part Comment".

As for the fact that we are using XML you can pickup a book that will give you some basics to the XML and XSL files. They are texted based and do not require a compiler. We do have some XML files that we have already modified that allow for easy viewing. If you would like a copy of these files please e-mail me at and I can send you a copy.

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Fuji Flexa Feeder Report Mod | 27 October, 2003

I've modified the Flexa feeder reports. I sent you an Email.

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