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SMT Leader Tape

Tom B


SMT Leader Tape | 16 October, 2003

Hello All,

Can anyone tell me a supplier of SMT Leader tape. I remember (but don't know the name) an after market manufacture that sold them in 12" strips with the Adhesive added. I thought they also made Board loders and un-loaders. Or if anyone has other sources, that would greatly be appreciated.


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SMT Leader Tape | 20 October, 2003 has leaders and splicers. That is about the only one I know of. If anyone knows of someone else, Let me know.....

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SMT Leader Tape | 22 October, 2003

We use a Hoover Davis Tape and Splicer. We buy rolls of blank cover tape and cut leaders as long as we need them.

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Rob Sierra


SMT Leader Tape | 29 October, 2003

We are manufacturers of Tape Splicing Supplies, including Tape Extenders for adding a leader to the beginning of an unused reel of components. We carry a New Tape Splicing Tool and offer a loan program and ship worldwide. We can send out samples at no charge for all our Tape Splicing Products. Visit

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SMT Leader Tape | 31 October, 2003

Could this be the same Rob Sierra from the Surftape/ tempo Electronics? Bring me up to speed on whats new.


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SMT Leader Tape | 3 November, 2003

Hello Cal,

I have left Tempo and started my own business. We manufacture a carrier tape like that of Surftape. Mag-D Electronics Adhesive Back Carrier Tape has a punched Blue Nitto Tape Gap and not two rails. Our Punched Nitto carrier is more accurate and precise than that of Tempo. We can provide 8mm wide and 12mm wide carrier tapes at this time. Please visit our website at to view our Tape Splicing Products and Adhesive Back carrier Tapes. Are you still with The Equipment Advisory Board in Philly? Give me a call when you have time.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Regards, Rob Sierra Mag-D Electronics Tel. 818-762-0058 Fax 818-762-3265

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