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Fuji Flexa


Fuji Flexa | 14 October, 2003

Hello all,

We are considering switching from FujiCam to Flexa. Does anyone have any comment on this? Advantages/Disadvantages?


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William Guatemala


Fuji Flexa | 15 October, 2003

I strongly reconmend to switch over to Flexa. It's much easier and reliable than FujiCam and UniCam. Except the PCB's have to be very roboust to handle all the security fixtures.

W. G

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Fuji Flexa | 2 January, 2004

We are also curently considering Flexa and would like any real world info. 1: has anyone had experience with flexa with/without the Aegis software? 2: Are the graphics as easily editted as Fujicam? 3: Is it easier to set the access to menus/options than Fujicam? 4: Do they still use the global/ local setup that is in Fujicam? For the answers to these and any others you think we should consider I thank you in advance. By the way what security fixtures?

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Fuji Flexa | 14 April, 2004

In reference to item #1: You may be interested in a string of postings on this same subject entitled "Fuji Flexa and Aegis w/ Circuitcam or Unicam w/Assembly Expert" on this site.

Since that string is active still you may want to post your questions there also.

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