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See ya


See ya | 26 September, 2003

I'm not sure if I'll get to this next week, and since I'm gone after Tuesday I thought I'd get this out of the way.

The Global Economy has gotten the best of this guy. I don't know where I'll land when the dust settles, but you can be sure that if I end up in SMT land I'll be back here. If not, thanks to you all.

Special thanks to DaveF. If there was a global industry payroll, you would be the first guy I'd lobby to be on it. Thanks, dude. I don't know what happened to people like Michael Parker, Chrys Shea, John Thorup, Wolfgang Busco, and some others I'm forgetting, but they've done a lot for me (and countless others) too.

I'm hoping Moonman is off with some Nancy look-alike tossing dry flies with some high performance double tapered fly line he's contrived out of the local dental floss, but he see's this, he should consider it thanks.

Peace. Out.


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See ya | 26 September, 2003

Steve- I can not say for the others for Chrys Shea (a very good friend of mine) still is around. If you had not known She was Speedlines global account manager for Motorola and traveled 95% of the time. She now is at Alpha doing well. She also is the president of SMTA - Philadelphia. Luckily She chose me to be VP so I chat with her often. Send me a note if you need her forwarding info

regards, Cal

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See ya | 26 September, 2003

Steve: Thanks for all your contributions to SMTnet. It just goes to show that geologists aren't as bad as they say.

Since we can't pillage your office as you're walking out the door, before you leave, would you send all those design standards that your company stores on shelves? OK then, how about sending the rock hammer?

If there's a good part, it'll be easier to find your way home from the ESB factory, down the road.

Best to you Dave

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See ya | 26 September, 2003

See, I knew listing names was a mistake. Up comes someone you should have listed and you feel like a putz. :(

Thanks Cal. It's not so much that I need to contact anyone. Just wondering where everyone went, mostly, but wanting to publicly thank some people that did a lot for this board.

If I'm lucky (how can I even SAY that??) I'll end up back here again. Hopefully quoting from a DFM guideline that makes more sense than "whatever fits on the board, top or bottom, is fair game."

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See ya | 26 September, 2003


At least shipping our design standards would be a cheap operation. It'd fit on the back of a postage stamp.

Yep, down to RH we go this eve. I'll hoist one for the board. One for Dave. One for the board....

Best to you all.

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See ya | 26 September, 2003

Gee Steve, it's nice that someone remembers me. Yes Dave, I noticed that you did too. I feel guilty about having become a "lurker" when I manage to look in now and then but the pressures of what they expect me to do around here (for no more money!)threaten to become overwhelming. When my boss, the VP of Manufacturing, quit over our being forced to work through Thanksgiving last year just to "make the numbers" they threw me his hat too. At least I still have a job. Steve, I wish you the best of luck in the future and remember that these things sometimes can be a blessing in disguise. Thanks for the opportunity to step out of the background. I'll try to toss in my 2� now and then. John Thorup

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See ya | 26 September, 2003

Steve, appreciate all of the help and info

Good Luck


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See ya | 27 September, 2003

Hi John: We always theorized that if all the lurkers piped-up once in a while we'd have a better site. You help prove the point, John.

Realistically, we know it takes alot of napping to be a manager, but we'd appreciate your giving you couple of cents every so often.

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See ya | 27 September, 2003

My guess is.. most lurkers, dont care for posts to their questions or comments which are sarcastic,as though they asked a stupid question or that they should have assumed the correct answer?

Im sure I am wrong... my 2 cents :)

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