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Heatsink Press



Heatsink Press | 23 September, 2003

We have an application where we are applying a heatsink with a thermal tape that has pressure sensitive adhesive (psa) on either side. Does anyone know of an off-the-shelf heatsink press that we could use to apply a consistent, measured force for a controlled duration? Any solid leads or companies that might have something like this are greatly appreciated because we need to have something in place quickly.

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Heatsink Press | 24 September, 2003

We use the clips for our heat sink supplier.

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Datum Dynamics


Heatsink Press | 25 September, 2003

Hi Dave I think it might be difficult to get an off the shelf item. WE have designed and supplied several in the past, both pnumatic and manual, if we can be of any help please let me know.

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Heatsink Press | 25 September, 2003

Datum: Many times the requirement for a heat sink is anticipated poorly by the designer. So, adding a clip becomes burdensome and too expensive for a respin. Other times, there is no off the shelf clip for the component, as you say.

So, a well designed press is often a good alternative to a brick with a egg timer on top. We'll give your press a look.

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Heatsink Press | 25 September, 2003

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