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Hasl thickness trends


Hasl thickness trends | 16 September, 2003

I am currently having a discussion with a pcb supplier about inadequate hasl thickness, we are measuring below 40 microinches of hasl when our spec calls for 100 microinches as the minimum. Our supplier came back with the statement the entire industry is goint to less hasl, can anyone out their back up their claim?


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Hasl thickness trends | 16 September, 2003

Below 40 microinches = Bad Solderability With pitches getting smaller and smaller flatness becomes more of an issue, but it's not to be achieved by blowing ALL solder off the pads.

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Hasl thickness trends | 16 September, 2003

Maybe trying to get a flatter HASL PCB. But i am unaware of the "entire industry" trying to go thinner.


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Hasl thickness trends | 16 September, 2003

Fire them now! I don't know if your a CM or not but in that world if we do not follow our customers instruction and specs exactly not only would we be fired we could get sued!

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Hasl thickness trends | 16 September, 2003

First and most important, it doesn't matter dip who is down-wind of the rendering plant. The customer said, "I want bla bla bla." The supplier said, "I want to supply to the customer's order for bla bla bla and will deliver to that specification on certain schedule and price."

Later, the supplier changed his mind; decided to deliver something other than "bla bla bla"; hid that decision from the customer; delivered an inferior product to the customer; and then, when questioned by the customer, had the gall to tell the customer the delivered product was what the customer required. [Or was it, "all the other kids at school have one!!!"?] Instead of saying, "Yes, Dear Customer, you are correct. I messed-up and didn't deliver as promised. I'm sorry. I'll make it right. And I will never do that again."

Second, way, way, way-down in order of precidence; IPC-6012, Classes 1, 2, 3 do not specify a HASL thickness, but require full coverage and that the board be solderable.

Third, further way, way, way-down in order of precidence; last time we checked: * HADCO DFM manual specifies a nominal thickness of 50-1500uin with an option for 100-1000uin * Merix DFM manual specifies 30-200uin

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Hasl thickness trends | 17 September, 2003

We agree. Colin Lea showed that HASL less than 2 microns [80 uin] thick has limited shelf life and that shelf life gets worse as the HASL gets thinner. Unless you do not need shelf life, consider sticking with 100 to 500 uin. There is nothing wrong per se with 1000 uin except of course, that the thicker the HASL the less flat the surface.

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