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Solder Iron


Solder Iron | 13 August, 2003

Does anybody know where I can get a good high temp soldering iron. We recently began making a very thick board with lots of ground planes in it that dissipates the heat applied to the solder very well, making it difficult to rework. Thanks in advance...

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Solder Iron | 13 August, 2003

DUDE!!! The RS 64-2187 model: Select 230 watts (up to 11000F) for soldering metals such as copper, tin or brass. -Choose 150 watts (up to 9500F) for electrical, hobby, general soldering - One-finger, dual-heat trigger switch squeeze to first position for low temp, second for high temp. (actual Product)Small joke aside...

I would look into external heat sources. I would be afraid that the components would not tollerate the high(er) temp.

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Solder Iron | 14 August, 2003

The Ersa Power Tool does an awsome job and has a very large selection of tips. Keep in mind that the larger the tip the more stored energy. The Waveroom Plus in Londonderry NH sold us our Power tool and we tried everything nothing else worked. Good Luck

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Solder Iron | 21 August, 2003

I agree the Ersa Power tool is probably the most powerful iron on the market, unless you want an iron that takes two hands to hold. We have put the power tool against many irons and none have the capability or power, it should work well for you, and is the size of a normal iron too. This makes it ideal also for lead free soldering aswell.

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Solder Iron | 22 August, 2003

What is the difference between a solder gun and iron, aside from the obvious physical ones. Do guns have the ability to supply heat at a faster rate than an iron?? Thanks for the posts everyone.

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