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Moving/aligning SMD lines


Moving/aligning SMD lines | 19 July, 2000

Moving Heavy Machinery, We will be reconfiguring four smd lines after some building alterations are completed. What are the latest tricks/tools peolple are using for lining up their production lines. Lumps of 4" x 2" and trolley jacks work fine for the older Yamaha units as you can cinch these over a tiny bit at a time. However, the Tenryu Fv7100 are a much heavier machine that simply laugh at a well placed kick, and it was more good luck than good management that I aligned them ok the last time.Conveyors, ovens etc. are no problem, it's when you are butting two and more P&P machines directly together that it gets finicky and time consuming.What are people doing for that first few weeks when you have to continually make fine adjustments as the machinery "settles"? Thanks, Darby

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Re: Moving/aligning SMD lines | 19 July, 2000

Darby: Airsleds and laser pointers

Airsled, 70A Aleph Dr., Newark, DE 19702 800.247.7533 fax 302.996.6468 Aero Go 1-800-426-4757 Ask for Jack Air Puck (McMaster)

When using "airsleds" be aware these: * Get hung-up on expansion cracks * Will "take-off" if you let them. Have a team of stout troops on-hand

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