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Please help a newbie



Please help a newbie | 18 June, 2003

hello all - i am i need of a simple electronic counting device but i know little about electronics. would someone please describe to me the parts I'd need and the assembly process to create a computer that meets the following specs:

2 digital LED two-digit displays (LED1 and LED2)

when the device is powered on, LED1 shows 0 and LED2 shows 20.

four buttons (BTN1, BTN2, BTN3, BTN4)

when BTN1 is pressed, LED1 is incremented by 1. when BTN2 is pressed, LED1 is decremented by 1. when BTN3 is pressed, LED1 is decremented by 1 and LED2 is decremented by 1. when BTN4 is pressed, LED1 is reset to 0 and LED2 is reset to 20.

thank-you in advance for your help.

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Please help a newbie | 19 June, 2003

Hello Mr. James

Mark send a Email similar to your email about a countdown timer.

I send him this email. Read and give me your comments..

I'm an Electronic Engineer and I being doing and Designing some devices like your requirement( pneumatics machines, controllers, etc), I could Help you, I can Design the countdown timer, but I need more information about dimentions, Do you want the complete buildbox? How many timers do you want?how big do you want the timer? etc, etc, I need the specs of your paint bomb. etc to give you a base price. contact me at next email address: or call me

Phone:(686)562-47-87 cell: (686)550-52-58 Best Regards

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