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Anyone up to this odd task?

Mark Miles


Anyone up to this odd task? | 18 June, 2003

I am in the process of building a pneumatic paint bomb for the scenario paintball games that I host. What I need is a countdown timer with a red led display which will actuate a solenoid to trip a switch and close a curcuit for 1 second. I will pay to have someone build it, or I would be very thankful to anyone who can send me to where I can find one. Thanks. Related link:

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Anyone up to this odd task? | 18 June, 2003

Hi Mark

Actually I'm a Operations Manager of UEMSA group, I'm an Electronic Engineer and I being doing and Designing some devices like your requirement( pneumatics machines, controllers, etc), I could Help you, I can Design the countdown timer, but I need more information about dimentions, Do you want the complete buildbox? How many timers do you want?how big do you want the timer? etc, etc, I need the specs of your paint bomb. etc to give you a base price. contact me at next email address: or call me

Phone:(686)562-47-87 cell: (686)550-52-58 Best Regards

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