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DEK 265 vision alignment...


DEK 265 vision alignment... | 13 February, 2003

While trying to develop new programs for our DEK Horizon 265 we are forced to use pads as vision alignments due to lack of real fiducals, thanks engineering. My question is, Is there any way to narrow the search window when performing a locate fiducal operation? If, for instance, i'm reading a resistor pad and I want to read the pad on the left and not the pad on the right, but after teaching the left pad and testing my results using Locate Fiducal, the DEK picks whichever pad it chooses, not the one I taught. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated, and hopefully one of my engineers will get a clue someday on putting fiducals on the board.

Thank you, G.Haynes

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DEK 265 vision alignment... | 14 February, 2003

First of all I would like to say that my English is so-so but I will try to help you.


1-- select learn fiducial option then enter minimal value to fiducial width and height (enter 0 and you will get the minimal value).You will get the smallest square.

2-- adjust x and y position of square centre to one corner of the pad.

3-- enter maximal value to fiducial width and height (enter 2 and you will get the max value).You get the biggest square.

4--hit LEARN FIDUCIAL (the DEK teach the pattern)

5--try to LOCATE FIDUCIAL you will suppose to get the cross right over the corner of your selected pad with a score.(the biggest score it is the better it is).

if you get more than one score, you can increase the ACCEPT SCORE and the TARGET SCORE for eliminate the undesirables one.

I hope this will help you

good luck

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DEK 265 vision alignment... | 14 February, 2003

Louis Levert Electronique SEM

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Scott B


DEK 265 vision alignment... | 17 February, 2003

We have also had this problem. I have managed to get around this by selecting a teach video model and positioning the teach window to include half the pad on the left and half the pad on the right so that the center point is bang in the middle of the two pads. For more accurate location I have found that using the center point between the three SOT23 pads gives best results.

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DEK 265 vision alignment... | 24 February, 2003

We use an EKRA E4 printer, but the concept sounds the same as far as the fiducial alignment goes. I have found that SOT-23 components work the best for fiducials - and I always make it a point to use them on our older PCB's (where the screens do not have fiducials). If there are no SOT-23 packages on the board - I try to use combinations of pads that will most likely be unique.....I'm not sure how large the window on your DEK printer is though.

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