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Vacuum Sealer

Kevin Facinelli


Vacuum Sealer | 3 February, 2003

What are people using for re-vacuum sealing of opened parts. The parts of coarse would be baked out prior to sealing. The system should be ESD compliant.

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Vacuum Sealer | 3 February, 2003

We use a Mighty Mutt machine. Not 100% sure of spelling. It works well for us. It has a metal vaccuum tube and heated metal wires, and is grounded. I used to work for a company that used a sandwich bag sealer. That was not good at all. If you buy one don't waste money on something that won't do the job.

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Surface Mount Solutions Inc.


Vacuum Sealer | 4 February, 2003

Check out GPD(General Production Devices), they have a tabletop Nitrogen bagger/sealer. 1-800-pick-gpd.

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