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Maximum Rework per Board



Maximum Rework per Board | 3 February, 2003

Hi all. One of our customers recently asked us during an audit of our PCBA rework line if we have a limit for the total number of reworks/repairs that can be done on one PCBA. We specify 3x maximum on one location of a major part (LSI for example). But how about maximum number of rework/repair on different locations? Is there any standard that specifies this? How can one determine the board's reliability given the number of reworks/repairs performed?

Please help. Thanks!!!

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Maximum Rework per Board | 3 February, 2003

would the accumlative overall cost of repair not govern the amount of rework that can be performed. so that if aboard costs 5 dollars to repair and sells for 7 then the amount of effort and time cosumed would not warrent the repair in the first place.

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Maximum Rework per Board | 3 February, 2003


I won't give you an answer directly yet I hope the following makes sense.

The max rework depends on what is used in the reliability model and/or experimental data as worst case for the applications end of life reliability needs.

E.G. let's say that the company you worked with in a (pin in hole) component environment allowed the wall to go down to .3 mils (~7.5mm). The reworks you allow should keep you above this minimum.

YiEng, DDave

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