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breakaway tabs



breakaway tabs | 31 January, 2003

Has anyone ever depaneled a PCB that is .135" thick using mousebytes? If so, what would be the right drill pattern to use?

Thanks in advance


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breakaway tabs | 31 January, 2003


Hopefully someone else will add more.

The IPC has some patterns on this topic so you might wish to check their literature. Scoring is another technique.

You are pretty thick at .135 so you want to make the drill hits as close as possible, and you want to move the circuitry as far in as possible to prevent snap damage.

Without guidelines I would shoot for as small a drill and as close a pattern as possible.

YiEng, DDave

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Paul Smith


breakaway tabs | 1 February, 2003

I would suggest scoring if the profile allows, leaving residual material of circa 40 - 50 mil - That is what I do on a 125mil thick PCB width of the pis is approx 200 mil Mouse bites on a board as thick as 135 mil will mean its extremly difficult to snap out without damaging the profile


Paul Smith

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