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MPA or IP1 ?


MPA or IP1 ? | 9 January, 2003

I want to buy a used machine,a cheap one, maily fr FQP chip placement.I think to buy a MPA40 or a MPA80 or a IP1.Which is better ? thanks

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MPA or IP1 ? | 9 January, 2003

Please write to me at

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MPA or IP1 ? | 10 January, 2003

You really must be on a tight budget since most people will pay YOU to take these models off their hands. What is your budget for capital equipment? Zero? That said, I think you would be better served to step up a generation and look at MPA-3's instead of MPA-80's. If you are placing old technology QFP's with a minimum lead pitch of 0.5 mm to 0.65 mm, the MPA-80 will do it if it isn't too beat up. However, if you will try anything finer than that...such as 0.4mm and 0.3 mm, the MPA-80 won't do it. An MPA-3 will do it and the main reason it will is the re-designed Y-Axis servo system. The MPA-3 uses a twin servo drive system to control the Y-Axis (2 motors total to drive the Y-Axis) which improved accuracy compared to the MPA-80 which only used a single drive motor/leadscrew to drive the "Y". Speed was increased approx. 30% from the MPA-80 to the MPA-3 however that usually isn't a big factor with these machines as they are quite slow by today's standards. Just something to think about. Again, you are talking about a vintage of equipment that most people are scrapping out or simply throwing into the trash. Also, you might have some problems getting spares for these machines.

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