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oven reflow board stiffeners


oven reflow board stiffeners | 31 December, 2002

Does anybody know of a manufacturer of board stiffeners to put on the edges of PCBs when there going through the oven? I have seen some that C-clamp on the edges which I would prefer but don't have any info on them..

Thanx, Todd

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oven reflow board stiffeners | 1 January, 2003

We just use stare titanium stiffeners from the wave soldering area. Titanium is probably over-kill for your needs, but will work.

Sources for titanium stiffeners are: * APT 603.622.1211 Tom Dimagio * New Era Technology 603.669.77971 Jessie Ward * Bell Technology 603.669.3826fax9181 Cheryl Richards [Richardson?]603.669.9181fax3826 * Fancort201.575.0610fax9234 * Bell Technology

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oven reflow board stiffeners | 2 January, 2003

We use the epoxy gold finger gloves. They are cheap and can be cut to length. We get them from; Stevens Products, Inc 973-672-2140

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