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fine pitch/BGA component handling


fine pitch/BGA component handling | 18 December, 2002

Problem: A SMT fine pitch or BGA component needs to be baked due to MS concerns and is needed in a hurry. In some cases the packaging will not allow a high temp/short duration bake. Production will not allow a low temp/long duration bake. If the parts are removed from a tube/tray/tape for baking, what is the best option for storing them in the baking oven? For BGA's I would think placing them ball side up on a flat surface. What about QFQ's? Any manual handling will probably guarantee that lead coplanarity is compromised. If the leads must rest on a surface, what would be the best material to minimize contamination. I understand that any option is bad, I'm just curious how others handle such a situation.

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Jon Fox


fine pitch/BGA component handling | 18 December, 2002

Are your components not in JEDEC trays? We use Kostat trays and we can bake our parts at or up to 150C. What are your temperature requirements, and what are your parts currently being stored in or on? There are a slew of tray makers out there that conform to the same JEDEC standards that your component manufacturers must conform to. If you need some names, let me know.

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fine pitch/BGA component handling | 19 December, 2002

What temp. are you planning on baking them? If this is long term process I would recommend that you hav trays made out of an appropriate ESDS material that can withstand your bake temp (such as duropol)for your QFPs. You can have several patterns/packages all in the same tray. The use of a GOOD vacuum pen from my experience shows that damage is almost non-existent when transferring QFPs from here to there (obviously operator dependant) If you are really worried about bending leads during a transfer you may want to write a machine program to pick from stick and place into tray or tray to tray etc... I have found that returning components to sticks is where the damage/polarity issue is most likely to occur.

The BGAs I wouldn't worry about to much since they are pretty durable. I would set them on a plate ball up and go as you suggested.


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