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Zevatech 720


Zevatech 720 | 11 December, 2002

We are currently considering purchasing a Zevatech 720. Any recomendations or discouragements for this machine? All comments will be greatly appreciated

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Zevatech 720 | 11 December, 2002

Good machine, a little long in the tooth, but where do you get support and spares?

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Zevatech 720 | 12 December, 2002

We had one of these years ago.

We had trouble with it recognizing fiducials consistently, but other than that it ran good.

This assumes that the left head, which is mechanical centering, is working good.

And I believe that the minimum component size was only 0603 (0805?) and no BGA. So if you aren't building anything too complex...

Also Zevatech was bought out directly by Juki Automation Systems. And Juki made all Zevatech machines, so you can try and get spares and service from your local Juki Field Service Engineer. (Assuming that they will service a machine bought on the used market.)

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Zevatech 720 | 19 December, 2002

Good Day,

I worked on one of these years ago. The only problem I can remember is the feeder rack had some play in it. This meant we had to re-trim pick positions after changing a reel. Oh yeah, it cost us $470.00 for a new component nozzle. Kind of steep for a one piece tool.

Good Luck....

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