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Help with mcs16


Help with mcs16 | 11 November, 2002

hi, Does anyone have a set of install disks for an mcs16f I called fuji and they do not have any ( they sent the last ones out 4 weeks ago) I have two corrupt files on my HD tci and tran_p.

Any help or suggestions will be apreciated.


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Help with mcs16 | 11 November, 2002

Hi, I use the Fuji MCS-16F. The disks I have are labled....

MCS 2E System Disks #1 - #10 Version 3.38 MCS 2 Option Disks #1 - #2 V2.54 Automatic Programming 10 MCS 2 Option Disks #1 - #2 V2.49 HOST Communication 11 OS-9/6800 Level 1 System Disks #1 - #2 V2.3 for Y2K

Does any or all of that look like what your looking for? If you know what disk the files are on I could just copy that one for you or all of then (If I can find a pc here with a 5 1/4 drive)

If so, email me through smtnet with a reply address and we could arrange something.

..... And I thought I was the only one left using antiques...

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