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Need help

Eric Chua


Need help | 23 October, 2002


Can someone tell me what is mean COD and BOD for testing the detergent. What is DOE mean?


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Need help | 24 October, 2002

Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD). A test that measures how much of the oxygen dissolved in water is consumed by biological oxidation of the chemical in the water during the stated period of time. [Water from an exceptionally clear lake might show a BOD of less than 2 ml/L of water. Raw sewage may give readings in the hundreds and food processing wastes may be in the thousands.]

Chemical Oxygen Demand [COD]. A test that measures the potential capacity for a microorganism to react with oxygen. [Trout need DO levels in excess of 8 mg/liter. Striped bass prefer DO levels above 5 mg/l. Most warm water fish need DO in excess of 2 mg/l.]

[Use to search for more information on BOD and COD tests that over the years have become quite standardized.]

Design Of Experiments (DOE). A statistical technique for determining the relationship between and relative importance of various factors controlling a process. [Search the fine SMTnet Archives for more on experiments.]

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