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Reel Tracking System

Kevin Facinelli


Reel Tracking System | 4 October, 2002

I was interested in hearing about the different techniques companies are using for keeping track of reels. I will start by saying if you have a small number of feeders and part numbers this may not seem to be a big deal but in many larger OEM's the share volume of reels of unique part numbers can be a real challenge.

Our system contains close to 1000 unique reel part numbers. We also have 250-300 8mm feeders. We use a file cabinet system with parts in ESD bags in vertical files.

I am interested in hearing what companies are doing to track what is on what reel as well as storage and inventory management options.

Thanks for the help in advance,


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Reel Tracking System | 7 October, 2002

We use home-grown java based software to turn our remstar shuttles. Manages 8000 different part numbers on 3000 feeders. We are able to generate recipes which turns our shuttles and operators pull our feeders. Just did 5600 change outs in a 16 hour day using 5 operators. Also it manages what feeders to dedicate based upon usage and the forecast of work.

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