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Wave soldering STSOP32



Wave soldering STSOP32 | 1 October, 2002


Have anyone done STSOP32 circuit with 0,5mm pitch with wave? or anything simular.

Thanks for advance,

BR, Mr.T

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Wave soldering STSOP32 | 9 October, 2002

No, wouldn't want to, wouldn't be prudent. Best process I think is to solderpaste reflow the TSOP components then mask them for the wave. Mask using liquid type soldermask or a selective solder pallet. Or, if you must, the only way I can see any decent results is with the wave machine having a Hot Air De-Bridging Knife option. De-Bridge to your heart's content.

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Martin Ingall


Wave soldering STSOP32 | 13 October, 2002

What sorts of problems or defects are you experiencing when wave soldering STSOP32's?

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Wave soldering STSOP32 | 15 October, 2002


Problem is Bridging on between leads.

Br, Mr.T

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Wave soldering STSOP32 | 15 October, 2002

I can't comment on 20 pitch TSOP, but wave soldering wider pitch parts require: * Orienting components with the leads perpendicular to the wave [moving parallel to the rails]. * Thieving [robbing] pads on trailing pads for the component. Search the fine SMTnet Archives for more on thief / robber pads.

Bridging of leads other than the trailing leads of properly oriented parts and thieved boards is more problematic.

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Tom G


Wave soldering STSOP32 | 23 October, 2002

I haven't tried anything like that but had some experience with .8 mm pitch SSOPs. Immersion depth in wave was very critical- had to control Lambda pump speeds within 20 RPM and even then it would change as solder level dropped.

Need thieving pads on end and may want to try a small glue dot between leads. We used in on some similar applications but that may be opening another can of worms.

I suggest selective soldering pallets or look at double reflow with Paste In Hole if the through hole parts permit (lead to hole ration and thermal ratings on parts).

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