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SMTnet E-mail


SMTnet E-mail | 12 September, 2002

Within the last 2 days I have received several junk E-mails in my SMTnet E-mail account. Whats up with that ? It has never happened before.Has something changed ? Just curious.

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Brian Doyle


SMTnet E-mail | 16 September, 2002

Hello and sorry for the delayed response.

We haven't made any changes to the system. Have you used your smtnet email anywhere?

We are currently looking into some spam filters for our server.

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SMTnet E-mail | 17 September, 2002

The only place I ever used my SMTNET E-mail is through a couple of E-mails I sent to people that use this site. I sincerely hope that the used equipment guys are not passing out our E-mail addresses.

Thanks for the response.

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