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Electra 600F



Electra 600F | 5 September, 2002

We have an Electra 600F. Can someone please tell me if the standard spray fluxing unit (that comes with the machine) is designed for Clean or No Clean processes? In other words, can the nozzles be changed to accomodate either flux? Is the application of each flux so different that we need to do more than adjust...?? Is there an Electra-specific website? The machine is overseas so I cannot contact our vendor.


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Electra 600F | 5 September, 2002

There are no "standard" spray fluxers that come w/ the Electra. The spray fluxers offered are: SelectaSpray? -Fixed multiple nozzles spray fluxer, 510 mm (20 in. ) Max width AccuSpray?- Reciprocating spray fluxer, 600 mm ( 24 in.) ext. only) Opti-Flux II- Servo controlled reciprocating ultrasonic spray fluxer Any of the above fluxers will work effectivley on OA or NC low solids (up to 5%) fluxes. However, on the SelectaSpray and AccuSpray it is reccomended that you get titainium nozzles for OA fluxes since the stainless steel nozzles get eaten away over time. You'll have to change them out regularly if running OA fluxes. You're all set with the Opti cause its titainium standard and can handle even high solids rosin fluxes. The best fluxer out there. No, there is not a specific web site on Electra machines that I know of. The main mfg.'s site is From there go to Equipment then Electrovert. Or contact the factory @ +1-573-346-3341, in Missouri (GMT -5 hours)and tech support should spquare you away. Have your machine s/n handy.

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