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BGA reflow vs replacement time



BGA reflow vs replacement time | 19 August, 2002

Is there any significant difference in the time required (average) to reflow a BGA component versus replacing the component?

My company is attempting to determine the time to break-even for capital investment in a BGA workstation.

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BGA reflow vs replacement time | 19 August, 2002

Individual process steps are approximately the same length of time for reworking a BGA.

You seem to be comparing the use of the automated SMT line versus an off line rework station. Consider that the off line station is a complete paste print, pick and place and reflow oven, all packaged into one machine.

Advantages - 1. off line repair does not disrupt the normal process flow of a million dollar SMT line. 2. an off line machine is far more accurate (and safer) than doing the R&R by hand. 3. off line machines can also be used to augment the inadequacies of your SMT line. Can help take up the slack in an over flow situation.

plus many more reasons I don't have time to list

Disadvantages- the only one I can think of right now is having to create a reflow profile for each BGA on every assembly. This is the only time consuming process that is subjective, mainly due to operator/engineer experience. Many BGA rework stations now come with a standard library of reflow profiles that you would start with and modify as needed.

Final comment - tell the money grubbing, penny pinching, bean counters they will spend more money, more often by forcing you to find an alternative work around rather than investing in the correct capital equipment that will make your BGA rework efforts both effective and efficient.

Get some practical experience by having the nay sayers go to a few equipment demos with you. You will all learn and profit from the experience.

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