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SMT Quality



SMT Quality | 16 August, 2002


I am in charge of SMT production and I would like to find on-line material, journals, technical paper as to how to effectively run SMT equipment like the solder printers and placement equipment with low defects.

I am also looking for Process information on Solder printing operations. Where can I find on-line information.

Thank you. Steven

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SMT Quality | 16 August, 2002

The fine SMTnet Archives contain thousands of threads posted over the years. There are all kinds of 'getting started' and introductory information and links and suggested books. Consider searching there to develop this background information that you are seeking.

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Ken Bliss


SMT Quality | 16 August, 2002

Hi Steven, are two industry association sites that have lots of information and technical papers. As far as efficiencies try click on Bliss University, there is a lot of unbiased information on running an SMT line and factory at maximum efficiency and how to control defects. You can also find a White paper on our web site called Profit-Driven Manufacturing that goes into a lot of detail about the pick and place machine and uptime. Good Luck....

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