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Sensbey Spray Fluxer


Sensbey Spray Fluxer | 1 August, 2002

Anyone care to share their experiences using a Sensbey stand alone spray fluxer?

Looking for info on these units, but not much luck, so any help is appreciated


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Sensbey Spray Fluxer | 1 August, 2002

I had a 1995 SENSBEY MXL-400J at the last place I worked. I had very good results- easy to setup, run and maintain. It has a paint gun type spray head. Good idea to have spares cause they can clog. I sprayed a Multicore NC flux. Only downer was a fair amount of overspray- up the stack. Rock solid unit though- in typical Sensbey fashion.

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Sensbey Spray Fluxer | 2 August, 2002

What is with the no bottom pan? Is the upside that good?

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Eric Chua


Sensbey Spray Fluxer | 4 August, 2002

Hi Phil Teerink,

We are one of the agent for Sensbey in Singapore. Could you provide me your email address and contact number so I could able to get our principle to forward you more detail on your request.


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Sensbey Spray Fluxer | 8 August, 2002

You can send any info to


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Sensbey Spray Fluxer | 12 August, 2002


As Pete correctly pointed out, the early Spray Fluxers that Sensbey provided with their machines were designed by AT&T and used a similar head and nozzle design to a spray paint gun. We had good success with them.

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