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Document Control Center software recommendations



Document Control Center software recommendations | 30 July, 2002

To all SMTneters: I am seeking recommendations for software packages. I will be managing a Document Control Center for a Contract Manufacturer. I am aware of the functions, duties but do not know the commercial names of software needed. We will be needing to read and parse gerber files, plus interpret CAD data to make fabs, program machines, order stencils, duplicate assembly drawings, etc. The DCC will be receiving all the softcopy data and directing that data to the individual users, i.e. Purchasing (BOM's), Engineering (CAD), (BOM's), (X-Y data), etc.

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Document Control Center software recommendations | 31 July, 2002

Basically you need to do two things 1 Look at and print drawings you get. 2 Keep track of where those drawing are stored.

LOOKING AT AND PRINTING DRAWINGS YOU GET. Use: * Same software that your customer used to create the drawing. [Oh, lots of customers, lots drawing packages, lots of money for software, etc] * A Gerber viewer like: View Mate (View only) [ ] CamCAD (View only) [ ], GC-Prevue (View only) [ ], PC Gerber II (View & limited data size editing) [ ] * A flexible, mid-priced CAD software package like CAM350 [ ] * Some might argue that you really should be looking at the software that you plan to use to create your work packages and machine programs [ie, CircuitCAM, GC-Place, etc.] and all the rest of the stuff along these lines will fall into place, just like FM.

KEEPING TRACK OF WHERE THOSE DRAWING ARE STORED. This is more complicated for a contractor since most documentation control software suppliers make good software, but clueless on the complexity of multiple customers. The other aspect that a lot of these software packages assume is that you plan to have the documents accessible with a computer network. * Quality Magazine [ ] likes to rattle on about DC sftwr. Suppliers like to advertise DC sftwr. * Other DC sftwr suppliers are: Rational Software 18880 Homestead Rd Cupertino, CA 95014 408-863-9900 800-728-1212

novasoft 617.221.0300 PQ systems 800.777.3020 (Workbench $1k) Quality Management Products 888.255.1992 Mike Haines

ASO Echelon 713.288.8430 fax4415 Document Control Systems 800.825.9117 QualTrak 800.277.3077 540.382.4234 Pilgrim 813.915.1663

Harrington Group 800.476.9000 Powerway 800.964.9004 * Here�s some links I found stuck in a cardfile that may have something or other to do with DC or may not:

* I reviewed a pretty good book [Engineering Documentation Control Handbook: Configuration Management for Industry; Frank B. Watts; William Andrew Publishing, LLC; ISBN: 0815514468; 2nd edition (March 1, 2000).] on documentation control in the SMTnet Newsletter a while ago. On the negative side from your [supposed] perspective the book does not address controlling software or evaluating software used to control documentation. Mr. Watts is a good guy and industry gadabout. He works at EC3 in Winter Park, CO.

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Document Control Center software recommendations | 31 July, 2002

mucho, mucho thanx !!!!!

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