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Universal Radial 8

John S


Universal Radial 8 | 23 July, 2002

We have a RAD5 and RAD 8, both of which have the Expanded Range Verifier. Has anyone had success verifying the correct value of electrolytic caps? Our machine stops several times a day for a false failure, and Universal isn't much help. Thanks John

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Universal Radial 8 | 23 July, 2002

I have worked with Radial II's, III's, and V's. Every one had a verifier, but none of them ever got used, primarily because of the false failures.

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Universal Radial 8 | 24 July, 2002

we have 3 Rad 8's and never use the verifer cause its too bloody slow.Why bother u cant verify parts being placed on a chip shooter so if your operator takes the same care when loading a reel there should be no need to verify.

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Universal Radial 8 | 29 July, 2002

Are you doing a reverse leakage test? Also, some electrolytic caps require two (2) cap tests and should always have a leakage test last. The UIC verifier programming manual should explain this. Otherwise, contact UIC's tech. tele. support.

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