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PCb vacuum seal puncture



PCb vacuum seal puncture | 18 July, 2002


Today I received PCB in a punctured vacuum seal bag. the Humidity indicator change the colour to pink at 60%RH mark.

The brd finish is Entek. Earlier our intention to get the board vacuum seal is because we want to ensure that the is no friction in between the 2 entek surface which could damage the Entek coating. I'm not sure if baking is the right decision or not as from what i know this will eliminate blisstering at reflow should the board absorb enough moisture. On the other hand, baking the Entek brd could degrade the entek quality thus leads to solderability issue.

Pls advsie what should I do.

cheers... yngwie

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PCb vacuum seal puncture | 18 July, 2002

Reject the batch of boards. Take one board, dry it, then check for solderability. If its good, do the rest. If not.....? Contact the PWB vendor for reccomendations.

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