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SMT Insignia Enigma

SMTA Director of Publications Jesse Katzman


SMT Insignia Enigma | 17 July, 2002

I am helping Mark Kastner of Everbrite, Inc. identify one company logo. His contact information is furthest below.

Two images are currently available on... ...under the "Miscellaneous" heading from the last link, "SMT Insignia Enigma".

So far Mark has identified one as belonging to an Italian company named Piciesse Elettronica. He believes the other logo belongs to a company that is somehow related to Piciesse Elettronica, by geographical location and/or professional association.

Please reply to this message, to my email, or directly to mark with any input you have regarding the identity of the Mystery Logo.

Thanks, Jesse Katzman SMTA Director of Publications P 952-920-7682

Mark Kastner Everbrite, Inc. 4969 S. 110th Street Greenfield, WI 53228 P 414-529-7113 F 414-529-7199

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Ken Bliss


SMT Insignia Enigma | 17 July, 2002

Based on the images I do not recongize the logo however it appears you have a pc board with the logo and no name. the pc board did have the UL recognized mark. If you go to Underwriters Laboratories web site with the recognized number that should accompany the mark their web site will tell you the company name the number belongs to. Hope that helps.

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