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BGA Reballing

SMTA Juarez Mexico Chapter President


BGA Reballing | 12 July, 2002

I member of our chapter is looking for reballing services for BGAs. Or maybe equipment and know how to establish their own process.

Any help will be appriciated.

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BGA Reballing | 13 July, 2002

Search the fine SMTnet Archives [bga and reball*] to get started.

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BGA Reballing | 15 July, 2002

For BGA Reballing services, or supplies to do it yourself, look at:

Precision PCB Services, Inc,. -

Winslow Automation -

Soldering Technology International -

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Matt N-Stott


BGA Reballing | 15 July, 2002

We currently provide a full range of BGA re-balling services for several customers in Mexico. Please feel free to check out our web site at

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