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BGA re-balling after "de-pop" spec question



BGA re-balling after "de-pop" spec question | 23 June, 2002

First question - I am making an assumption that after "de-pop'ing" a BGA prior to socketing the thing to test it, the best known practice is to re-ball the thing. Is this an industry standard?

Second question - If it is an industry standard, does anybody know where I can find this process in an industry spec? I have been looking at JEDEC and cannot seem to find what I am looking for... there are a lot of references to making sure the package is in the state it would be during manufacture, but nothing specifying a re-ball process.

Your help is appreciated! Mark

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Dason C


BGA re-balling after | 25 June, 2002

Mark, you can check one of the instruction of the BGA reball process as below.

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BGA re-balling after | 26 June, 2002

There is no industry standard for reballing BGA. Search the fine SMTnet Archives for a reference to Motorola�s reasoning behind their not shipping product with reworked BGA.

As background: * JEDEC is the semiconductor engineering standardization group within EIA. They are in the business of describing the dimensions of component packages, carries, tapes, etc. * IPC is more focused on describing process than JEDEC.

If your test head is designed for balled BGA, it probably would be better to reball the device before testing. That would provide for a better interface.

�� describing how to make sure the package is in the state it would be during manufacture �� Isn�t that the issue? Isn't that what you intend to do? If you plan to re-install this part after testing, why wouldn�t you want it in that state?

Finally, there are some good references to reworking / replacing BGA in the fine SMTnet Archives. Earl Moon wrote an article in the Newsletter a couple of years ago that you should consider.

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