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High-mix, Low-volume Manufacturing

Daniel Woon


High-mix, Low-volume Manufacturing | 20 May, 2002

Hi guys,

What are the major inefficiencies that most EMS companies faced in a high-mix/low-volume manufacturing? And, what in general an equipment manufacturer (especially surface-mounting equipment manufacturer) can help them to improve the production efficiency?


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High-mix, Low-volume Manufacturing | 22 May, 2002

Change over and flexibility are two critical areas you need to have controlled in order to be successful in the high mix, low volume market.

Machines to consider: SAMSUNG CP series, MyData My series, and Europlacers.

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High-mix, Low-volume Manufacturing | 22 May, 2002


have you considered how efficiency software plays a role in the matrix? Most software from equipment suppliers tends to be programming driven. I have run across a software product from Timms that does an excellent job of controling things like parts usage, real time machine monitoring, maintenance diagnostics. The reason that these are important is because machine uptime is ultimately controlled by these factors. Because of the size and quantity of parts used in a manufacturing setting the parts become 80 to 90% of the influencing factor. If a part cannot be found or a supplement to that part can not be used then your machine sits ideal.

More and more manufacturers are taking notice of this situation. The unfortunate truth however is that MRP systems that tend to drive the scheduling can not get realtime data from the machines and then they tend to push on manufacturing what they need. Timms, being different, knows where every part in facility is and can help your floor become a pull system that works the way plant managers wants it too.

My two cents worth.


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High-mix, Low-volume Manufacturing | 24 May, 2002

Maybe you dont need a lot of extra equipment.

visit for an explanation.


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