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Baking Fine Pitch Components



Baking Fine Pitch Components | 13 May, 2002

Has anyone used a PCB baking oven to bake the above? If so, what important things do i need to take note and any special tips or problems that might arise with regards to the components?

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Baking Fine Pitch Components | 13 May, 2002

Fine pitch parts are not the issue. Platic parts that absorb moisture are the issue. Search the fine SMTnet Archives to get started. Try: * MSD * Moisture sentive device * Dessicant cabinets * Baking times * 033 * 020 * etc

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Baking Fine Pitch Components | 14 May, 2002

It all depends on the part you're cooking. Most components have a storage recommendation in their spec sheet. So be sure not to exceed it. Generally I see a lot of spec sheets that are arounf 140 C. So I set the oven for about 100 C and let it go over night. Seems to work fine. Just be sure your operators take the parts out of any bags they are in (seen it done before).

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Baking Fine Pitch Components | 14 May, 2002


As Dave pointed out, the main reason to bake components is to remove absorbed moisture from moisture-sensitive components.

All you need to know on this subject, including the specific bake conditions (temperature and duration) are clearly spelled out in the joint industry standard J-STD-033. The default bake conditions are 125C for 48 hours or 40C for 68 days. The lower temperature is used when your parts are packaged in a low temperature container, like tape & reel. I can e-mail you a copy of the standard in pdf format if you want.


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