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Cutting 24 mm Feeder Tape



Cutting 24 mm Feeder Tape | 8 May, 2002


We are experiencing a little problem of cutting feeder tape. When ever we place two or more 24 mm feeders together, the cutter on the machine will partialy cut the adjoining tape, or pull it out of sequence. The machine is a Panasonic MSR, 2001 vintage and has Panasonic feeders. If we seperate the feeders to isolate them the problem goes away. So. logic tells me it's not the feeders, or the tape. We haven't experienced this until now - about 10 months after running, so this tells me something has changed.

We replaced the cutter blades. We had them realigned. We haven't changed vendors for any of these parts. We tape and reel these parts ourselves and use the same carrier tape as last year. These are the same feeders we've always used.

My hope is someone has had this problem in the past and can provide visible direction - I can chase ghosts around all da yby myself.

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Cutting 24 mm Feeder Tape | 8 May, 2002

Maybe the problem is not the cutter, but the arm that advance the tape in the adjacent feeder gets actuated at the same time as the active feeder. line-up a feeder in pickup position visually, then turn the crank until the roller or feeder advance mechanism goes down on the feeder, you will see if the roller touches the adjacent feeder. If it does, it may advance it partially. I saw this on a MSHII where 2 feeders were advancing at the same time... lots of wasted parts.

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